QuickLessons: online training not tedious or boring

Guest post by Eduardo Martínez, Education Technology Consultant – Capacimac

The world of online education requires constant reinvestment to “survive” the indifference of today’s students, exposed to various interactive visual stimulus from their first years of life.

Courses developed for Internet access are implemented in most cases through educational platforms (LMS) such as Moodle, whose characteristics require participants to have great determination and willingness to study on their own. But the profile of the new generation of users today demands online courses that by design are sufficiently attractive and synthetic that the content can be easily assimilated.

QuickLessons is a platform for online courses from Brazil that has many resources to create fun and interactive educational content that encourages the participant to engage quickly with the information contained in an online course.

The platform is a powerful collaborative development tool for developers to be able to create courses together from different location sharing in real time information.

This solution can be very useful to promote training within companies, especially those that have staff distributed in different locations in a country or distributed in several countries that require a online tool to build gradually updating courses regarding the new features of a product or service.

The course interface design is aided by an extensive library of templates that can be customized and set according to the needs of the organization. Additionally you can incorporate animated characters that can be assigned as a virtual tutor and serve as support throughout the course training.

Each of the topics covered in a course can be supported didactically with embedded images or videos whose contribution can be significant for those students who do not have the ability to absorb part of the written information.

To strengthen certain areas of knowledge, QuickLessons has tools for quick and effective assessments including multiple-choice tests, false or true, relationship columns, etc.

What is the main benefit QuickLessons brings to the training? Without doubt the great advantage is that a person skilled in the area of education, can produce a fully featured course without the services of a graphic designer and a programmer, since the platform is designed for the person responsible for content to deploy that content without any complications.




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