New learning resource from ej4: Whiteboard Wednesday

We’re glad to bring tidings of some new content that’s in the queue to help instructional designers, trainers, newbie video producers, and the rest of us get our arms around the big barrel that goes by the buzzword “blended learning.”

Video is such a flexible and vital tool in the learning content arsenal, that we wanted to elaborate on our previous post, Video as an Element of Blended Learning. We approached the video gurus at ej4, specifically Dan Cooper, a cool cat with great onscreen charisma who happens to be ej4’s CEO, with a request to contribute to QuickThoughts, and the result is a new series called Learning Trends – Whiteboard Wednesday.

and if you’d rather read than play…here’s the Video Transcription:

So, people ask us all the time, what are the trends that we’re seeing in learning. And then what do those trends mean to you. Well, let’s start at the top over here. You’re always going to have users and there’s two things going on there. They’re mixing up the content that they’re getting whether that’s video learning, pdfs, audio… you name it, they’re mixing it. And they’re doing it to personalize their own experience. So they’re becoming individuals in the bigger pie.

Now organizations [sigh], they have the same problems that you always have: content and communication. You have to manage it on all your different platforms and disseminate it correctly.

There’s a shift coming from ROI to performance. And the world’s getting smaller. With all this communication out there, how can it not?

So, what does that mean? Well, it all starts with your content.

You’re going to need to be able to both create and distribute internally and externally, formally and informally compelling content. And you’re going to have to customize it be either a function within the organization or geography.

And that goes right into integration. People are bringing a lot devices to work so even if you lock one down they’re gonna watch it on something else. And you’re going to have to integrate all these devices into your platforms. That’s HRIS, ERP, CRM, LMS, intranet, extranet, SharePoint, partner-portals, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube [water break]… you name it. And you’re going to both push and pull content, as well as metrics, in and out of all of those.

So, if it’s not about ROI, what is it about? Well, it’s about performance, or how to do something well at your job.

And there’s five (5) times when you need to know how to do stuff.

  1. Before you need to know it
  2. To remind you how to do
  3. For support
  4. To solve problems
  5. When something changes

So, in the coming weeks we’re going to talk about each one of these in more detail. We’d love for you to join the conversation. And to hear how you are solving your problems. And how we [ej4] can help you solve them, as well.

Note: We’re always looking for ways to serve up valuable info on QuickThoughts, while providing variety. Including video snippets is quick way to add information to blogs. Vlogging (creating video-only based blogs like WhiteBoard Wednesday) is a wonderful way of sharing consistent content on a video platform. If you want to investigate create a video-based blog, you may want to read  “How To Create a Free Video Blog (or ‘Vlog’),” by Gretchen Siegchrist.

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